WHAT IS Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of optimizing the potential of your business to get more organic traffic from the search engine results page (SERP). To fully optimize your website SEO must be coupled with web designs, SEO contents, and many more. SEO doesn’t work just by sharing it on your social media– its intricacy is really technical in nature.

Why SEO?

Are you hoping that one day when a buyer searches for a particular product and your brand is on the first list or top 1 in the result page? Well, that is the main goal of SEO– to be on top!
SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies to penetrate all your target market anywhere across the globe. A website would need SEO to earn their rankings in the search engines using keywords. For example, a buyer would look for the “Best Drug Lawyer in Utah” in Google, in order for you to be seen on the Top 3 results on SERP, you need to optimize the content of your website so Google would show it to the buyer.

What is the process of SEO?

Google would definitely not reveal the algorithms of SEO, but one thing is for sure, Google or any search engine crawls and scan through different websites to understand what the website is all about. The main purpose of crawling and scanning is to show more relevant results to a buyer. Also, part of SEO is the web design and ease of use, and user-friendliness of a website.
Therefore, SEO, at the end of the day is not about your website, but rather, it’s about the delivery of results to users.
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What can be the content of SEO?

The search engine stores and organizes the content of your website during its scanning process in its index. Aside from articles and blogs, content can also be in a form of video, images or pictures, texts, audios, and any other format that would explain the relevance of your website to a set of keywords. 
One of the best strategies on being relevant in your set of keywords is to update every now and then the content of your website coherent to the keywords of today’s users and consistently add articles and blogs.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

Just like Local SEO, SEO, in its broadest sense, has also the same benefits, to with:

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What can Advanced Local do?

We are advancing business, we optimize the potential of your business by doing SEO of your business. Our expert knows and even suggests what best and what is fit for your business. We take your business to the next level where your target market will not just notice you but will definitely “take action” That’s what we are all after, aren’t we?
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