What is Local SEO?

Want to gain more popularity in your vicinity or town? Want to penetrate your nearby target markets? Well, the answer to these thoughts is just Local SEO. Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO is one of the best strategies in Search Engine Optimization. SEO can be a wider or broader way of penetrating market searches, while Local SEO is just a local version of SEO whereas it can also be simply called as ‘filtered’ SEO. In layman’s term, is just a way of penetrating your markets “near you.”
Local SEO
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How Local SEO Works?

Local SEO works amazingly yet intricately. To target market near you, you are therefore required to enter your accurate product and/or services’ information of your business in the ‘Google My Business’ or simply your business profile in Google. The more accurate it is, the more it will have a chance of getting displayed in the Google Search Engine Result Page or SERP.

What are the Benefits of Local SEO?

  • Drives More Traffic for the Most Relevant Searches;
  • Local SEO Activity, such as Building Online Business Citations, Helps Improve Your Local Rankings;
  • It Helps Build Your Business Reputation;
  • It Helps Improve Relevance and Prominence; and
  • It Provides More Opportunities to Appear in Google’s 3 Pack.
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What Is SEO Exactly?

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

Google My Business is a platform where you can connect your business in Google Search or Maps. GMB gathers all relevant data about your business like Business Name, Location of your Business Office and/or Business Store, Customer/Market Outside your Location, Category of your Business, Business Contact Details (Website, Phone Numbers, etc.), and other relevant information which is necessary for your customers.

What can Advanced Local do?

We are advancing business, we optimize the potential of your business by doing Local SEO of your business. Our expert knows and even suggests what best and what is fit for your business. We also analyze your preferred target market so to exactly penetrate your business target. We take your business to the next level where your target market will not just notice you but will definitely “take action” That’s what we are all after, aren’t we? Should you have any queries about Local SEO and GMB, feel free to contact us

Are Local SEO and GMB Really Connected?

Yes, Local SEO and GMB works together. Local SEO allows you to rank in Google Searches while GMB profiles your business on Google in which it is the main thing that Local SEO uses. The great thing about combining Local SEO and GMB is Google’s 3 pack.

What is Google’s

Google’s 3 pack is great, it showcases Top 3 Map Packs of businesses on local SERP. Imagine the pride you could have on being one of the Top 3 businesses in your locality, that is great, isn’t it?

Interested To Get Our Featured Service

So what else are you waiting for? Are you looking for an expert that will optimize your website and everything in it? Contact us now and let’s talk about the success of your business!
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